5 Perfect Father’s Day Coffee Gifts

Father's Day Coffee Gifts

Father’s Day Coffee Gift Ideas

Picking the perfect gift for Father’s day can be incredibly stressful. Luckily, we have compiled a list of gifts that are centered around his second favorite thing in the entire world. Check out these Father’s Day coffee gifts that your as unique and perfect as your coffee loving dad.

Real Living Coffee Plant

Coffee house plant

If your dad loves coffee, let him grow his own. 9GreenBox supplies a coffee tree ready to brighten up his home. Although it will take a few years for coffee beans to grow, he can still admire his green thumb while brewing up the exact same bean that he is lovingly caring for in the pot.

Department of Brewology Print

The Department of Brewology has been putting ou beautiful pieces of art depicting coffee receptacles along with their smart packaging and thoughtful design. Getting your dad a piece of art to match his favorite coffee brewing device will inspire him to think of you every single time he brews coffee in the morning increasing your influence to every morning of his life.



Baratza Encore Grinder

French Press

Making amazing coffee starts with good beans and a good burr grinder. The adjustable Baratza Encore Grinder gives flexibility and consistency for coffee brewing success. The entry level grinder that performs as well as the top burr grinders that are multiple times the price.

Kitchen Aid French Press


A modern twist on a classic rig, this french press not only has a built-in scale to weigh grounds and a handle topped timer that will keep brewing time down to the minute. The insulated body keeps the heat from destroying the flavor of the coffee, and For the throwback french press die hard brew heads, this face-lift press will give the consistency of a modern brewer with old head sensibilities.


BeanGenius Coffee Subscription

BeanGenius Subscription bo

Giving a piece of hardware or beautifully designed bag is terrific if you just want to be thanked one time for your gift. A specialty coffee subscription from BeanGenius perfectly tailored to your dad’s individual taste will remind him of you with every single sip when the box arrives. It’s the gift that will always keep you in his good graces and caffeinated mind.




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  1. Wow! These are wonderful father’s day gift ideas. The coffee bag laptop case will be a perfect gift for a dad on the father’s day.

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