Books About Coffee to Boost Your Knowledge of the Bean

The Best Books About Coffee to Boost Your Knowledge

We love coffee. We love talking about it, reading about it, drinking it, and loving that precious bean. Therefore, here are some of our favorite books about coffee.

The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing – Coffee Explored, Explained, and Enjoyed by James Hoffmann

world atlas of coffee

A beautiful world guide to the brown bean. Taking the reader on a global tour of coffee-growing countries. The World Atlas of Coffee presents the bean in full-color photographs and concise, informative text. It shows the origins of coffee and where it has lead 

The Infinite Emotions of Coffee by Alon Y. Halevy

infinite emotions of coffee

The Infinite Emotions of Coffee provides a contemporary prism of the drink that so much of the world takes for granted every morning. Furthermore, technopreneur Halevy’s travels to more than 30 countries on six continents shed light on how coffee has shaped and is influenced by different cultures.

Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How It Transformed Our World by Mark Pendergrast

uncommon grounds

Uncommon Grounds tells the story of coffee from its discovery on a hill in ancient Abyssinia to the advent of Starbucks. As a result in this updated edition of the classic work, Mark Pendergrast reviews the dramatic changes in coffee culture over the past decade.

The Birth of Coffee by Daniel Lorenzetti & Linda Rice Lorenzetti

birth of coffee

The Birth of Coffee examines brown gold’s impact in Ethiopia, Yemen, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Kenya. Furthermore, accompanied by 100 duotone photographs that Daniel Lorenzetti toned with actual coffee. In conclusion, this startling book will strike readers with the beauty and substance of the worlds and peoples behind a simple cup of coffee.

 God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee by Michaele Weissman

god in a cup

Can a cup of coffee reveal the face of God? Can it become the holy grail of modern-day knights errant who brave hardship and peril in a relentless quest for perfection? Can it change the world? These questions are not rhetorical. Furthermore, in God in a Cup, journalist Michaele Weissman treks into an exotic and paradoxical realm of specialty coffee.

Devil’s Cup: A History of the World According to Coffee by Stewart Lee Allen

the devils cup

In this captivating book, Stewart Lee Allen treks three-quarters of the way around the world on a caffeinated quest to answer these profound questions: Did the advent of coffee give birth to an enlightened western civilization? Is coffee, indeed, the substance that drives history?  From Parisian salons and cafés where the French Revolution was born, to the roadside diners and chain restaurants of the good ol’ U.S.A., where something resembling brown water passes for coffee. Allen wittily proves that the world was wired long before the Internet.

Coffee – Philosophy For Everyone: Grounds For Debate by Scott F. Parker & Michael W. Austin

coffee philosophy

Offering philosophical insights into the popular morning brew. Coffee — Philosophy for Everyone kick starts the day with an entertaining but critical discussion of the ethics and culture of coffee. Because everyone needs a boost to help their debate.

Coffee: A Dark History by Anthony Wild

anthony wild coffee

Through the centuries, the influence of coffee on the rise of capitalism and its institutions has been enormous. Bridging the gap between coffee’s dismal colonial past and its perilous corporate present. In conclusion, Coffee reveals the shocking exploitation that has always lurked at the heart of the industry.

Everything But Espresso by Scott Rao

everything but espresso

Scott Rao takes on all other forms of coffee brewing and gives them their day in the sun. Therefore, everything but Espresso covers how to achieve optimal flavor via different brew methods.

Coffee Talk: The Stimulating Story of the World’s Most Popular Brew by Morton Satin

coffee talk morton satin

This entertaining yet comprehensive book describes how, in recent times, coffee has become the magnet that draws people together for spirited interchanges of information and ideas. Furthermore, in the intellectual capitals of the world, coffeehouses have been and continue to be the venues where the great minds flock to discuss the latest developments in the arts, sciences, and social philosophies. The author also traces the rich and intriguing history of coffee and even goes on to reveal the best techniques for home brewing.

There you have it! 10 delicious read about your favorite dark drink. Due to the fact that there is no better time to learn more about coffee its amazing history. In conclusion, pair with a BeanGenius subscription to expand your coffee knowledge!



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