Girl Scout Cookies and Coffee Pairings, Truly Win-Win

girl scout cookies and coffee

Girl Scout Cookies and Coffee Pairings

Just when you thought you had your New Year’s diet resolutions under control, here come the Girl Scouts – staking claim to street corners and sidewalks with their folding tables and delicious cookies to wreak havoc on your healthy habits. There might be only one way to improve on these delectable delights, by complimenting them with the perfect cup of coffee. Here’s a guide to the best flavor pairings for Girl Scout cookies and coffee.

Thin Mints

thin mint cookies

The Thin Mint; a timeless classic and in our opinion, rightfully so. Recognizable without the mention of a Scout, this thin disc of comfort puts up a strong fight against most delicate coffees. Chocolate on chocolate easily pairs with most roasts, however, the strong mint flavor creates an interesting conundrum. If you prefer to double down on the chocolate and enjoy the minty subtleness, then a single-origin Brazil with traditional chocolate notes would be the way to go. To accentuate the mint, a lower acid and lower bodied coffee will allow the mint to shine through.

Suggested Coffee:
Anchor Coffee Brazil Cerrado 

Caramel deLites / Samoas

samoas girl scout cookie

This gooey monster is sweet but mellow in its attack. Directly pairing with caramel, chocolate, and coconut flavor notes in a coffee seem like the safe bet, but will result in an uninteresting combination. Choosing a light natural processed Ethiopian coffee with prominent blueberry or strawberry notes and wrapping that flavor in the sweetness of the Samoa will marry a fruity/sweet morning treat.

Suggested Coffee:
Bootstrap Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Farm

Shortbread / Trefoils

shortbread girlscout cookie

The neutral sweetness can be deceiving in what an ideal dunking partner might look like. Light sweetness, clean finish, and a citrus lead with a silky body taking advantage of one of the few less bombastic flavorful cookies. As a result, coffee from Kenya or Central America with orange or grapefruit tones should benefit greatly from the subtle sugar of the cookie.

Suggested Coffee:

Archive Coffee Colombia Grand Cru De Inza 

Peanut Butter Patties / Tagalongs

Peanutbutter patties

The strong, multi-layered patty unapologetically rips through most coffees without a second thought. Once challenged by an opponent that can withstand the first layer of chocolate it unleashes peanut butter filling and a crunch to disarm any liquid opposition. Therefore, giving in to its power and finding a smooth balanced coffee to allow the wrecking ball cookie take center stage is optimal, and a mellow medium roast blend should have everything you would need in this combination.

Suggested coffee:

Portola Coffee Lab Alchemistic Blend 

Savannah Smiles

Savanna Smiles

Refreshing and crisp are a great combination to pair with a coffee. The strong citrus of the cookie can naturally take the lead and you can either team it up with more citrus for an explosion of lemon or find a strong dark roast to contrast the tart with bitter.

Suggested Coffee:
Parliament Night Owl Espresso Blend



The gluten free cookie has infiltrated the Girl Scout camp in the form of Toffee-tastic. Taking no prisoners, this flat sweet treat needs some more range to hit the high notes of lime and cranberry with the mid range of vanilla mellowing out the tune pushes this treat to another level entirely. Argyle Coffee Roasters Kenya Yara Gatatha Estate is the perfect duet partner for a cookie with the foundation to flourish with some assistance.

Suggested Coffee:

Argyle Coffee Roasters Kenya Yara Gatatha Estate

Girl Scout S’mores


Recreating the great campfire classic in cookie form is no easy task, however, the new Girl Scout S’more takes the smoke, cold, and fire hurdle out of enjoying an amazing combination of flavors. Munching down on this cookie will take you away to memories of nature, bonding, fireside chats, and a coffee to stand up to such a memory is Square One Coffee Sasquatch Blend. Bringing nothing but depth and more chocolate to the campfire, this blend is the backbone of being outdoors with its strength and balance.

Suggested Coffee:

Square One Coffee Sasquatch Blend

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If you’ve got any other favorite coffee and Girl Scout pairings, make sure to leave them in the comments below!





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