The Best Holiday Coffee to Help Make the Season Special

6 Best Holiday Coffees This Season

It’s the holiday season, a time we treat those we love, and ourselves with something special. We’ve made a list (and checked it twice) of some especially outstanding coffees from the BeanGenius Marketplace so you have the best holiday coffee to make the season extra special; whether you share or not is up to you.

Argyle Coffee Roasters Kenya Gatatha Yara Estate

Best holiday coffee Argyle coffee
Best holiday and Christmas coffee

A banger of a coffee that will hook in all the non-believers with its flavor profile. This Kenya Gathata from Argyle Coffee Roasters will pique your interest as soon as you aroma hits you when you open the bag. Tasting of cranberries and limeade, this is one of the “eureka!” coffees that will create coffee addicts from the first sip. Blowing a coffee drinker’s mind with a single sip often happens with a coffee so complex, and if you can make sure they don’t blast this brew with cream and sugar first you will have a coffee partner for life.

Reanimator Coffee Rwanda Kanzu

Best holiday coffee Rwanda Kanzu
Best Christmas coffee

Coming strong with the green citrus acidity and deep sweetness from honey and raisin, the Rwanda Kanzu is a sneaky low key way to get your family addicted to non-fruity African coffees. Described as “purple in a cup”, the balance, and bass of this coffee will create really interesting reactions as well as stretch your understanding of what coffee can be outside of commodity coffee.

Intent Roasters Colombia Aldemar Patino

Best holiday coffee Intent Coffee
best coffee for christmas

Bringing honey to the table can often be better than vinegar, and brewing up Intent Roasters Colombia Aldemar Patino will accomplish the sweet floral cup that you want to share. This beautiful washed coffee will surprise and delight from what relatives might know as Colombian coffee. Nevertheless, keeping it simple and letting the coffee do the talking is the best solution to good coffee drinking.

Bootstrap Coffee Roasters Blue Collar Blend 

Bootstrap Cofffee
great holiday coffee

Blue Collar Blend from Bootstrap Coffee Roasters will never let you down. It laces up and goes to work with a balanced brew full of dark chocolate, nuts, depth, boldness, as well as having a strong foundation for cream or sugar if needed to be applied. No bells or whistles come with this coffee. Simply a strong balance start to finish as well as sweetness and depth. Furthermore, Fair Trade and Organic certified will make any member of your family happy they consumed this coffee.

Revelator Coffee Company Petunias Blend

Best holiday coffee Revelator Coffee
Best holiday coffee

This sweeter blend will give you the essence of higher notes for the acid hound looking for single-origin or bust. It can bring a smile to anyone who needs a tame coffee that will cool and still remain balanced. Bucking the side-eye of a blend and hammering complexity if sought after, therefore, Revelator Coffee Company Petunias Blend can hit a lot of different levels if the audience calls for it.

Peaks Coffee Company Colombia Huila Mountain Water Process Decaf

Best holiday coffee Peaks decaf
Best holiday coffee

Staying low and mellow with a solid base in baker’s chocolate and lowering the acidity with a red apple crisp without all that tang, this decaf Colombia from Peaks Coffee Co can fool even the most advanced taste buds into loving it. Cashew rounding out this brew makes for an interesting decaf that could easily fool all of the haters and bring a pick me up to the late night dessert course. Peaks Colombia Huila ages well, but if a couple of days off roast it can also be a vibrant delicious cup.



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