Cold Brew Coffee is Taking Over the Beverage World

Cold Brew Coffee Explained

Cold brew coffee has taken center stage in the coffee world and is capturing the hearts and minds of coffee drinkers new and old. Never has a product taken off in popularity to the mainstream for coffee. With the new volume that is being hit with this deliciously smooth beverage, there are some parameters we need to set on what the true definition of cold brew is, and what is can be. Therefore, there are a couple of different variations of this category. Therefore, we will walk you through all of the curve balls being thrown.

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee

This is not cold brew coffee. On the coffee family tree they are distant cousins at best. Much like with humans some turn out sweeter and easier to deal with than others. This coffee can be made by taking hot coffee that is fully brewed and chilling it in a fridge. It is then poured over ice and is bitter like brewed coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee

The anchor of the ready to drink coffee beverage industry and the most popular version of your local coffee shop.  The ready to brew in-house cold brew is smooth, sweet, and has a lower acid than its iced coffee cousin. To begin, taking coarsely ground coffee and letting it sit at room temperature in room temperature water for 12-24 hours. Being served over ice and extremely addicting this is the gateway drink for most specialty coffee novices.

Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro Cold Brew

If iced coffee is the distant cousin to cold brew, then nitro cold brew is the cool older sibling. Nitrogen infused cold brew takes the foundation of standard cold brew. This is then infused with nitrogen gas through a pressurized valve to make it creamy and stout like in texture. With a thin layer of foam that forms this thick amazing beverage can come from a keg or out of a can. No ice is needed with the texture of the drink being so silky

Draft Latte

Draft iced latte

The draft latte is the newest development to hit the specialty coffee market and is making a major impact. Available out of a tap or in a can for those needing their coffee on the go. Draft lattes are in their infancy as the coffee drinking public figures out what this beverage truly is in their lives. In conclusion, a cold milk based coffee product without the need for ice is changing the entry level to specialty coffee.

Getting Fancy

Cold brew tower

There are so many different ways to make cold brew. Brewing options include slow drip towers, pressure based vacuum sealing coffee and everything in between is making the category over complicated but very tasty. Different variations of cold brew in ready to drink forms that have been married with chocolate, cream, or chickory to enhance the flavor.  Therefore, with the next big thing always in development, it is an exciting time for coffee and cold coffee lovers everywhere.


Ready to Drink Cold Brew

Cold brew

The RTD cold brew market has exploded with major players like Stumptown Coffee, Blue Bottle Coffee, Lucky Jack Cold Brew. Many others are also dominating the grocery shelves and introducing coffee to a whole new group of potential coffee drinkers. Cans to cartons, the takeaway cold brew options continue to grow and vary as consumers are clamoring for the smooth cold brew to go.




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