Meet The BeanGenius Marketplace

Meet The BeanGenius Marketplace

Today we’re proud to announce the BeanGenius Marketplace: one place to discover + buy all your specialty coffee. This idea was born out of feedback received from our customers regarding our smart specialty coffee subscription service. We learned that, while customers enjoy discovering new roasts from our algorithm, sometimes they’d like to buy a specific coffee. Now you can!

The Marketplace brings customers access to America’s great specialty coffee in one spot. There are over 2,000 specialty coffee roasters in the US, many of which don’t have e-commerce sites. The Marketplace provides a platform for these quaint roasters to share their work with the world. Though it is in its infancy, the Marketplace will continue to grow as we add new roasters and features. Our Marketplace currently features:

  • The Coffee Queue – If our subscription is the Pandora of Specialty Coffee, then the Coffee Queue is the Netflix. Load up your Queue with all the coffee you want, then choose the delivery frequency at which you’d like the coffees to be sent. Never run out of coffee again!
  • Flat Fee Shipping – Choose as many coffees as you want from a single roaster and they’ll arrive fresh to your door just days after roasting for a flat rate of $5.50.
  • Variety – We have more roasters than any other specialty coffee marketplace, and we will only be adding more.

As a welcome gift, take 20% off any Marketplace order using code ALICE20 at checkout. Act soon, the offer expires this Sunday, June 5th 2016 at 11:59 PDT, so shop now.

We’re excited to share this new product with you. If there any roasters you’d like to see on board, please recommend in the comments below or email us at



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